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CCTV -The Greatest Chefs
Encountering Hainan (Final) & Award Ceremony

  Originated from an international cooking competition themed as France Chef, The Greatest Chefs is the first global reality cooking competition show and also a selfdeveloped original program. As the first Michelin-starred culinary event around the world, Steven Liu, a top-notch chef in China was appointed as its director. Two team led by a Chinese chef and a foreign one, need to choose favorable ingredients from dozens of given food materials and cook three courses including appetizer, entree and dessert in limited time. 31 fastidious gourmet judges would grade the courses after savoring. The premium international cooking criterion and the highly professional rating of the show stand for the highest level of cooking competition.

  This is the first encounter of CCTV -The Greatest Chefs and Hainan Province, where those typical local delicious cuisines, like Wenhang chicken, Jiaji duck, Dongshan goat, mud crab, fried white radish patty and pineapple bread etc., have rolled their welcome mat.